October 4th, 2017


IT - The Shadow Before

We are going to jump right in with Part I of IT, but first a couple of things -

- This community belongs to all of its members! That means, if YOU have an idea for a post, a discussion, a meta exercise, a great link, or an applicable video - please go ahead and post! No members are moderated. I've already seen several of you mention AMAZING points and conversation ideas in this post - Happy October - why horror? These are very exciting ideas and talking points and I really would like each to have a dedicated post/conversation.

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 1. After the Flood (1957)

I believe the opening chapter, these 16 pages, are some of the strongest writings to be found in the 1,153 pages. I think this chapter could very well be a stand-alone horror story, a study in suspense and poignant imagery. It's a beacon that is shining a light down the dark tunnels and sewers for the reader, a beckoning into King's style, his story, and his children characters.

Eight paragraphs in and we get the infamous and recognizabel "IT" foreshadowing - Water sprayed out from beneath his galoshes in muddy sheets. Their buckles made a jolly jingling as George Denbrough ran toward his strange death. This is the crooked finger invitation from the storyteller to the reader, join me, come closer, look I'm not going to jump-scare you, I'm going to tell you what happened from the perspective of children who never got to grow up even if they lived through this horror.

My suggestions for discussing this opening chapter are to examine multiple aspects of it -

writing technique
horror building