October 1st, 2017


HAPPY OCTOBER - why horror?

The genre we’re talking about, whether it be in terms of books, film, or TV, is really all one: make-believe horrors. And one of the questions that frequently comes up, asked by people who have grasped the paradox (but perhaps not fully articulated it in their own minds) is: Why do you want to make up horrible things when there is so much real horror in the world?

The answer seems to be that we make up horrors to help us cope with the real ones. With the endless inventiveness of humankind, we grasp the very elements which are so divisive and destructive and try to turn them into tools — to dismantle themselves. The term catharsis is as old as Greek drama, and it has been used rather too glibly by some practitioners in my field to justify what they do, but it still has its limited uses here. The dream of horror is in itself an out-letting and a lancing. . . and it may well be that the mass-media dream of horror can sometimes become a nationwide analyst’s couch.

~ Stephen King

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I like this article - Scared Me So Happy

So, here's a question that's been asked - is "IT" too scary to read? Can we, should we, recommend this massive novel to others? Is there a positive to reading this book? I would love to hear what you think and why! I will respond with my own thoughts in the comments.